Our Services

From Design to Series Production


The first step is usually the design of a spaceframe. With this we can quickly estimate the potential of a discrete fiber reinforcement. In the next step we deviate a design according to our design guidelines.


Extensive FE-simulations combined with phyisical testing from the very beginning provided not only a deep understanding of the structural behaviour of this complex hybrid material. We also benefit from very standardized modelling methods that provides good predictions with low effort.


If you are looking for amors only (e.g. if you already have a mold and want to test), here's our timeline:

  • max. 2 weeks for a standard armor (see guidelines)
  • max. 4 weeks for anything that needs additional tooling and / or testing

We can also provide complete prototypes (incl. overmolding) within 12 weeks.

Physical Testing

Our experts are looking forward to provide you our full range of services:

  • testing strategy
  • execution
  • evaluation
  • derivation of material cards

Series Production

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